Our Services

  • Tourism

    As said, our main focus will be on the Tourism sector for which we will supply a wide range of products. We can supply various maintenance products, consumables (for daily use), household appliances/ items, cutlery items and electrical materials for maintenance, construction, catering and or materials for cleaning purposes. If you are looking for products which are not shown in our overview you can let us know and we can chase/arrange this for you.
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  • Maritime Industry

    Boa Vista Supplies is a specialist in providing maintenance and consuming supplies to national and international customers in the maritime industry. The assortment is mainly based on the content of the IMPA book.
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  • Construction Industry

    Companies in the Construction Industry are on the right address as well. We can supply various (hand-/electrical) tools, protection equipment, painting products and various other equipment for multiple purposes.
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  • Locations

    - Rotterdam

    - Paris

    - Boavista

    - Sal


Our Locations

Our Locations